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Focuz : C Series

  • Complete granite structured
  • Built in edge sensor for accurate measurements
  • Convenient light control panel at front
  • 2D reverse engineering capable panel at front
  • Manual XYZ movement
  • Ergonomic and comfortable operation
  • Part programmable for repeating parts
  • Most user-friendly software
  • Inspection report directly in Word, Excel or PDF format
  • Exceptional value

When measuring task needed Video Measuring System and what constraining is limited budget, Focuz C series simply fulfill these.Built using granite as machine base and column,this unit is available in three ranges and comes with solid steel table to support the system and computer.The light control panel is built at the front of this table, making measuring operation much convenient and comfortable; even for long and continuous usage.

Find out more about Focuz C series and you will definitely get amazed!

Technical Specification
  • Measuring range (mm): 200X100/ 300X200/ 400X300
  • Optical magnification: 0.7to4.5X
  • Screen magnification: 18X to 125X
  • Axes resolution: 0.001mm
  • Accuracy: (3+L/200)µm
  • Profile Light: LED
  • Surface Light: LED ring-light
  • Operation: Manual
  • Lens: Telecentric