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OKK: MCV-630 Machining Centre

1. Basic Information
  • Job No: MA44484   
  • Manufactured Date: September 1989
  • Machine No: 728
  • Manufactured By: Osaka Kiko,Ltd.(Japan)

2. Specification
  • Table Job Space 1600X650mm
  • Table T-slot Width x Q'ty 22H8X5
  • Max .length of move (from side to side): X axis 1,250mm
  • Max .length of move (from Back and forth): Y axis 630mm
  • Max .length of move spindle head : Z axis 200-830mm
  • Distance between the spindle centre
  • And the front cover of column  670mm
  • Taper of the spindle hole JISB610/No.50
  • Revolution of the spindle (1 r pm each) 25-3,500rpm
  • Electric Motor Drive for the spindle AC inv 11kw constant rating 15kw 30mins rating
  • Speed of fast-forward 12m/min (X,Y and Z axis)
  • Speed of Cut Feeding 1-4,000mm/min
  • Feeding Drive Servomotor DC x,y axis:1.8kw z axis: 2.8kw
  • Max.weight of superimposed load on the table 1,500kg
  • Total Weight of the machine (Machine-Power Unit)
  • Required Dimension of Installment (Including Maintenance) 4,110 x 4,540mm
  • Required Power (Oversea) 50/60HZ+/1HZ AC 200/220/230/380 400/415/440/460 480/550+10%~18%